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The Golden Duo

Enjoy select practices from the power course, available at no cost, for anyone who wants to bring a radical change in life. 

The Mind Focus Technique (MFT) and the Eight Treasures Routine (ETR), created from ancient traditions of Yoga and Shaolin helps you prepare your mind and body for the life of power. 

We offer you daily practices of Mind Focus Technique (MFT) and Eight Treasures Routine (ETR) With the daily practice of MFT and ETR, you will learn to focus and grow the capacities of your mind. Within a few days of practice, you will begin to experience wellness, serenity, and balance

We recommend that you practice MFT and ETR daily which will bring tremendous results in personal power and help create powerful moods for living life.

Mind Focus Technique (MFT)

MFT is a powerful technique for creating tremendous amounts of balance and power in the mind and body of a sincere practitioner.

Designed by MamaSola co-founder, Saqib Rasool, MFT joins three scientific and health-oriented meditations of Reality Observation (Goenka), Loving Kindness (Goenka), and Ontology of Light (Dr. James McManis). 

MFT improves emotional balance, physical and mental health, sleep cycles, capacity for listening, capacity for learning, and delivers a great deal more benefits that you will discover on your own while on this journey. 

This practice, if performed daily can help you pull out of heaviness and come into balance. Long term practice leads to an increase in intelligence, kindness, and perception (intuition and wisdom) and also leads to freedom from addictions and compulsive habits. 

We recommend daily practice at least once or twice a day. 

"To live a life of power, you must prepare your mind and your body for power. "

-Saqib Rasool

Eight Treasures Routine (ETR)

The Eight Treasures Routine, is a special kind of yoga, that comes from the Shaolin culture.

The routine consists of 8 exercises, which coordinate body, mind and breath. Start the move with inhale, and end at exhale. 

The ETR has radical effects on health and general well-being as well as regulating and influencing specific body functions including brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, bladder, colon, bones, joints, muscles, and tendons. ETR, when done regularly, brings clarity, physical strength, recovery, immunity, and countless other benefits. 


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