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Join us on a 30-day adventure of a full transformation of yourself and for awakening the dormant powers that are your natural birthright. 

For far too long, we have suffered from victimhood and lack of power that permeates all aspects of our lives (including financial, emotional, personal, familial, and existential aspects.)  

Now more than ever, it is time you take ownership of the design and direction of your life, and learn to end this powerlessness. 

You can have a life of power in the domains of money, family, relationships, career, health, business, and more. Identify critical roadblocks and patterns that are wasting your potential. Expand the meaning of your life. 

Nearly all participants of The Power Course have reported massive and transformational results.

"I am a go getter. But being a single mother, I struggled with excelling at work. The Power Course has shifted the way I looked at my work and family. I now own my reality. I have become aware of the moods of my team as if I am reading their minds. I am being given bigger projects and I am getting promotions without even trying. The Power Course is the most incredible education on the face of the planet."
-Robin M., Senior Director at Amazon. 

A complete and holistic curriculum joining the eastern and western traditions.
Join the adventure of self-reinvention.
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Realize Your Full Potential

  1. Deal with the difficulties and roadblocks that are getting in the way of your greatness. 
  2. Examine and destroy hidden beliefs and stories that run your life in circles. 
  3. Produce transformation in your ability to create financial, social, and personal power.
  4. Greatly improve the quality of your relationships and achieve a peace of mind. 
  5. Create a powerful context for the rest of your life.
  6. Excel in your personal and professional endeavors. 

Critical life skills taught in 4 weeks. Daily in-person or by Zoom 30 min live Mind Focus practice with the teacher. Supportive and private community. Personalized attention and conversations with the teacher in weekly live coaching. Lifetime access to the course materials and community. 

The Power Course is a true gem in your learning, growth, and development. Don't miss it. 

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The Curriculum

The Awakening Course 

Week 1: The Lack of Power in Victimhood
You can have a life of power in the domains of money, family, career, and more. To realize this kind of life, you must first learn to recognize the victimhood and the roadblocks that get in your way. 

Lesson 1: You Are Not a Victim
Lesson 2: Taking Full Responsibility
Lesson 3: Learning A Master Move
Lesson 4: The Voice of Victimhood
In Conclusion

Week 2: The Power of Context
How you view life and your role in it, shapes the very reality you live in. Context gives meaning to the content of life. A new possibility is only available to the observer with a powerful context. 

Lesson 1: Context is The Queen
Lesson 2: The Old Mistakes
Lesson 3: Rose a Patron Saint Of Single Mothers
Lesson 4: Context An Adventure Of Life
Lesson 5: Little Voice Setting The Context
Lesson 6: The Law of Attraction
Lesson 7: Caring for Biology
In Conclusion

Week 3: The Power of Moods
Ours and others' moods are mostly invisible until we learn to pay attention to them. Your mood is about your opinion about your future. Certain moods can destroy your power while others can grow it. 

Lesson 1: Why Moods Matter
Lesson 2: Kill Being Nice
Lesson 3: The Vicious Circle of Bad Moods
Lesson 4: Moods That Get In the Way of Learning
In Conclusion

Week 4: The Power of Mind Focus
With the Mind Focus Technique (MFT) you can gain freedom from anxiety, depression, and worry. Learn the science of unlocking the hidden and secret powers of the mind that are your natural birthright.

Lesson 1: The Phenomena of Mind
Lesson 2: Historical Reinvention
Lesson 3: Thinking Not Required
Lesson 4: Transcending Sensations
Lesson 5: The Ontology of Addiction
Lesson 6: Throw Away Technology?
Lesson 7: Scientific Evidence
In Conclusion 

Weekly Live Coaching Calls 

The Weekly Live Coaching calls are an essential part of The Awakening Course curriculum and help the participants with developing skills and sensibilities required for navigating life powerfully. 

During the calls, bring your questions and whatever breakdowns you are dealing with in the domains of relationships, business, family, health, money, or anything else. We will help you see new perspectives and new dimensions about your breakdowns. You will open up new possibilities in live coaching conversations with us and become the designer of your life. 

Benefits as reported by most participants:

  • Dramatically improve your communications
  • Enhance your personal and professional relationships
  • Gain confidence and increase productivity
  • Develop focus and creativity
  • Maximize your effectiveness


At The Awakening Course You Will Learn:

- What's been holding you back this entire time

- What to do about it, if you want your life and work to thrive like never before 

- Tools to recognize your blindspots and open new possibilities of life 

- Advanced strategies to achieve massive growth in personal power, FAST

Course fee: $997  $1 for 30 days of power-packed transformation. Then $99 monthly if you choose to continue participation. Daily Live Mind Focus sessions, and a private community of participants and mentors. 

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