Our History

We have helped hundreds of women with their transformation of personal, financial, social, and relationship power. Working with those women, and helping, and advising in various areas such as legal, financial, and other matters, gave us the insight that we must invent an educational system that would allow these women to become powerful on their own, and without relying on assistance. These are the stories and testimonials of women that have worked with us. 

Silvana Javorsky

Thank you PowerSisters for all the help and support you gave me. I really don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found you.

Anna Moureira

I contacted PowerSisters for immigration purposes and she was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in advising me on what to do in my specific situation. Thank you, Rose. 

Sara Pereira

When I first moved to the US, I felt scared and alone. Meeting Rosemeri was God’s gift to me. Rose helped me establish myself and make a new home. She helped me find a summer camp for my son, sent me housing resources and helped me file for my own business. 

Thank you, Rosemeri for being there for me when no one else was.

Ludmila Silvestre

When I arrived in Seattle from Brazil with my three girls, I had no idea what to do. I felt alone, lost, and overwhelmed, but PowerSisters was there to help me. 

She helped me find a daycare center for my girls and apply for government support. Whenever I have a question about something, Rose is always there to listen and help. 

Thank you Rosemeri for helping me during such a crucial moment in my life. 

Mariceli Cordeiro

I met Rosemeri in Bellevue in 2017 when I was pregnant with my 3rd baby boy. I was depressed and didn't want to get out of my bed or do anything else. Rosemeri from MamaSola was always there to support me and reassure me. She helped me gain back my power. 

Thank you Rosemeri, I’m glad I have you as a friend! 


ChoCho Chen

Being a single mother, I had overloaded responsibility and was stuck in a life of powerlessness and resentment. With Saqib, I learned how to invent a new life for myself, improve my capacity for dealing with changes, and make effective offers. After studying with him, I started my own home-based business, met other single mothers, and created a life of freedom that I always wanted.

Thank you, Saqib and the PowerSisters family. 

Renata Affonso

When I met Rosemeri, via PowerSisters, I had just had my baby Sarah. I was a complete mess. I was depressed and scared.  Rosemeri took the time to hear my problems and helped me heal my sorrows. Rose kindly coached me to see my true potential.  

I am no longer a victim but a powerful woman and mother. Thank you, Rosemeri, for everything! 

Nora Spear

I met Rosemeri in 2018 when I was looking for help for my sister with divorce and child support. Since then MamaSola has become my family too. If I have a question I know where I can go for help.

I just love this community! Thank you Rosemeri for being there for me. 

Rosana Moreira

Thank you Rosemeri, for embracing this wonderful cause - PowerSisters - and welcoming me with an open heart. You are a little bit of a mother to all us women.

I'm really glad I met you!

Rahel Weldu

The Mind-Body Wellness course has completely transformed my life. I am clear, I am aware, and I am powerful. Mind Focus helps with my anxiety and gives me control over my moods. The Eight Treasures Routine flexes and energizes my body every morning. This is the world's best treasure, and it's free. Everyone should take advantage of this.

Sirlei Andrade

When I discovered PowerSisters, I saw a place to ask for help. Back then I didn’t know what to do with my life. I was taking sleeping pills because I was depressed, anxious, and scared all the time. 

I met Rosemeri and she instantly coached me and guided me on what to do and where to go. Today I’m a happily remarried businesswoman taking care of myself and my family.

Rosemeri was an angel God sent to my way. I’m very happy to have MamaSola as my new family.  

Silvane Santos

I had a lot of questions and no answers. I needed help and I needed attention. I needed a friend to tell me, “Hey girl, I’m here for you. You are not alone!”. Meeting MamaSola was exactly what I needed. I’ve learned so much.

Thank you, PowerSisters, for being there for me when nothing else was working.



PowerSisters Stories 


Hello I am Rosemeri Reinehr and this is how I went from living an undignified life to a life of power for myself and for all women around the world! 

Hi, I’m Rosemeri Reinehr and I am a registered Attorney in two countries with many masters and other educational degrees. But even with this high education, I still found myself in an abusive relationship and living an undignified life. 

When I started to lose hope in myself, I met my neighbor Saqib Rasool who happened to be not only an amazing human being but also a formidable career coach. With his help, I have started a journey to my own self-development.

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My name is Sonia Ruelas and I was born in Mexico in a poor family with 13 siblings.

My father had an alcohol problem and he would physically abuse us and my mother. Sometimes he would disappear for days or weeks and my mother would have to take care of us all by herself. 

When I was in my early 20s I got pregnant out of wedlock. The father refused to support me and take any responsibility so I had to work even harder to support myself and my baby. The culture I lived in stigmatized me and made me feel worthless. I felt scared and alone. 

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My name is Cristina, I’m 25 years old and I have 3  daughters. 

I come from a very poor family. We are 4 girls, my older sister (10 years older than me), my twin sisters (6 years older than me), and I, the youngest one.

When I was young, I was raped by my father over and over again, until my teenage years (around 15 years old).

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My name is Priscila, and I’m 31 years old. I was married to a man and had 1 son with him. 

He was a cheater and an abuser. He was aggressive and controlling physically, mentally, and financially. He would fight with me during the day, and at night he would rape me.

After I found out that he had an affair and had 2 kids with that woman, I decided to leave home. 

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I’m Dani, a single mom in my early 40’s with children. My husband was extremely abusive. 

My husband was physically, sexually, mentally, emotionally, and financially abusive. And  If that wasn't enough, he was also addicted to porn. He would stay up all night looking for women online to have sex with. It destroyed my dignity and my self-esteem.

He broke things and hit me a lot but the worst part for me wasn't the broken things but the fact that he’d do it in front of our kids.

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Hello, I’m Patricia G. and I am a single mom of 4 boys. My youngest son was only 3 years old when my husband was locked in jail for molesting my 5 years old  niece.

The news hit my family like a bomb. We were all devastated. We never thought something like that would happen in our family.

While my ex was in jail he would send me messages saying: “I’m going to kill you and the boys and after that I’m going to kill myself”. I was terrified of what he might do if he got out of jail on probation.

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My name is Alessandra Sinhorelly. I’m 37 years old and I have a one-year-old son who is the joy of my heart. 

Shortly after I got pregnant I realized that I was living with an extremely aggressive person. He didn’t want to take any responsibility for our son so he harassed me to give him up for adoption, but I refused.  He was aggressive, abusive and disloyal. 

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My name is Alexandra, I’m 37 years old, and I am the mother of a 14-year-old boy and an 18-year-old girl.

I was married to a very dangerous man, but I only realized this once we had had our first child. He was part of a drug gang that would do bad things to people if they didn’t obey their commands. 

I was trapped in a bad relationship without any possibility of getting out. Every time I’d mention that I wanted a divorce, he would tell me that he would kill me, and I knew that he meant it. I was so scared of dying that I stayed in the relationship for my own sake.

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