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Hosted by Saqib Rasool—Master Coach with 20+ Years of Experience in Transformation Education 

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More About the Teacher

Saqib Rasool is a social entrepreneur, master coach, and published author. Via his writings and mentoring work, Saqib helps people remove their inner roadblocks to perception, wake up to serious personal and societal breakdowns, and uncover new opportunities for growth. He has helped hundreds of business and social leaders transform their lives, relationships, businesses and careers.  

Since a young age, growing up in Pakistan, Saqib witnessed horrendous acts of violence committed against women. After moving to the United States at the age of 20, and working at Microsoft and other major enterprises, he saw unjust treatment of women in the workplace. This moved Saqib to take up a lifelong mission of helping women gain skills for living a powerful life.

In 2015, Saqib met Rosemeri and Alexis who invited him to co-found MamaSola as an educational institution based on the premise that it is a basic right for all genders to be treated with equal opportunity for power and dignity.

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