Power & Dignity

To help create a life of power, dignity, and self-expression, that every woman deserves, we have committed ourselves to design and introducing revolutionary education conducted in a women-majority environment. 

Our offer, The Awakening Course, helps anyone, who is willing to take action by teaching important super-skills required for navigation in the current dynamic era. 

We help women and their families learn superpowers for the reinvention of their lives.

In a rich curriculum, our participants learn to identify their invisible roadblocks and take action with their commitments to overcome them. 

We are on a path to help every woman on the planet explode their full potential. 



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We are declaring a new future where no woman is powerless in dealing with the difficulties of life. 

Today, women everywhere are rising up. The traditional gender roles are changing. Women are demanding a different future for themselves. We help any woman take control of their life by learning super-skills for creating a powerful existence. 


Our Manifesto

Our vision is of a world where women are powerful. 

Our mission is to help every woman on the planet learn the skills for living a life of power and dignity. 

"When I first moved to the US, I felt scared and alone. Meeting Rosemeri was God’s gift to me. Rose helped me establish myself and make a new home. She helped me find a summer camp for my son, sent me housing resources to improve my living situation and helped me file for my own business. 

Thank you, Rosemeri for being there for me when no one else was."

Sara Pereira  


Rose is a Brazilian American single mother—a licensed international attorney, and the Co-founder & CEO of PowerSister.org. She is an inspiration to us all. 


Reika is a Japanese-American youth activist and social entrepreneur. She is the Co-founder & Head of Marketing at PowerSisters. She is the voice of the customer.  

S A Q I B 

Saqib is a Pakistani American entrepreneur, author, and, mentor. He is the Co-founder & Mentor at PowerSisters.org. He is devoted to women's cause for lifetime. 

About The Teacher 


Saqib Rasool is a Pakistani-American social entrepreneur, coach, and author.  Via his writings and mentoring work, Saqib helps people remove their inner roadblocks to perception, wake up to serious personal and societal breakdowns, and uncover new opportunities for growth.  


His 20+ years’ career has spanned multiple industries including software, healthcare, education, government, investments, finance, and e-commerce. 


Earlier in his career, Saqib spent nearly eight years at Microsoft in key technology and management roles.  He later went on to successfully founding several startups, and recently launched Conceivian, a startup studio for helping design game-changing ventures.  


Saqib holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Minnesota State University and has completed a 2-year Ontological Mentoring program, Dwelling, from Pluralistic Networks in Berkley, California. 


His book—Saqibism articulates Koen-like quotes and poems exposing the vulnerabilities of human nature, and opening a new conversation about bringing a profound transformation to the world. 


Since a young age, the plight and suffering of women, has motivated Saqib to make a life-long commitment of helping women break free from centuries of exploitation and victimhood, and invent lives of power and dignity for themselves.

We are bringing a life of power and dignity to all women on the planet.

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