My name is Sonia Ruelas and I was born in Mexico in a poor family with 13 siblings.


My father had an alcohol problem and he would physically abuse us and my mother. Sometimes he would disappear for days or weeks and my mother would have to take care of us all by herself. 

When I was in my early 20s I got pregnant out of wedlock. The father refused to support me and take any responsibility so I had to work even harder to support myself and my baby. The culture I lived in stigmatized me and made me feel worthless. I felt scared and alone. 

However, I was intent on giving my daughter a better life so I decided to move to the US even though I didn't know any English.  

When I arrived in the US I moved in with my sister and found work cleaning houses. Shortly after my sister moved back to Mexico and I was left alone. My daughter and I lived with multiple families since then and suffered mental, financial, and physical abuse. But once I found out that the man we were living with had been sexually abusing my daughter, my world collapsed. I was mad and had no idea what to do.  

Shortly after I met Saqib Rasool. He was like an angel sent to me by God. He helped me and my daughter get out of that situation and into a safe place. He helped me create a powerful life for myself. With Saqib’s coaching, I made a new commitment to my life and went to school to improve my English and started my own cleaning business. 

With his guidance, I have gone from a powerless victim to a capable, resilient, and determined woman and single mom. When Saqib formalized his coaching and launched the Power Course via MamaSola I registered right away. 

In the Power Course, I learned about the Power of Context and realized that I was limiting myself and my power by having such a small context for myself. I expanded my context/care to all the women in my community. This made me work harder, make more offers in my business and thus I was able to provide jobs to other single mothers. I also learned about the Power of Moods and have gained the ability to identify and manage my moods and others’. 

I practice MFT every morning and night and it helps me clear my mind and stay focused on the present. MFT also helped me cure my insomnia.    

Today I am a successful business owner and my daughter is going to college to pursue her dream. 

The power course transforms lives. Thank you, Saqib for helping me transform my life.