Hello I am Rosemeri Reinehr and this is how I went from living an undignified life to a life of power for myself and for all women around the world!


Hi, I’m Rosemeri Reinehr and I am a registered Attorney in two countries with many masters and other educational degrees. But even with this high education, I still found myself in an abusive relationship and living an undignified life. 

When I started to lose hope in myself, I met my neighbor Saqib Rasool who happened to be not only an amazing human being but also a formidable career coach. With his help, I have started a journey to my own self-development.

At that time, more than 5 years ago, Saqib taught me important skills that I was blind to. With him, I learned powers that today we call “superpowers for women ''. The first superpower I learned was The Lack of Power in Victimhood. He helped me to see that even after I had gotten divorced I was still living as a victim. And a victim can only blame others for their misfortunes and has no power otherwise. I learned many other superpowers that helped me go from a victim to a businesswoman living in a bigger context and fighting for other women’s power and dignity.

After further coaching with Saqib, I thought to myself ‘if I can transform my own life, I can help others transform theirs’, so I decided to take on a cause bigger than myself. I created a mission to help women but particularly single mothers who are in abusive situations and face indignity and lack of power. (This is another superpower I learned - The Power of Context.)

With this mission in mind, I invited Saqib to be my Co-Founder at MamaSola.org and develop a course that today we call “The Power Course”. A course where he teaches the 4 superpowers that helped me transform my life and offer it to women all around the globe. By the way, I never stopped learning and continue to transform myself a little bit more every day. If It helped me, I’m sure it can help all the other sisters on this planet.

The time for women’s power is now. 

Enough of living scared and in abusive relationships. 

Enough of lack of power and dignity!


#WomenTogether #SingleMomsNeverAlone