My name is Priscila, and I’m 31 years old. I was married to a man and had 1 son with him.


He was a cheater and an abuser. He was aggressive and controlling physically, mentally, and financially. He would fight with me during the day, and at night he would rape me.

After I found out that he had an affair and had 2 kids with that woman, I decided to leave home, but he used my son to make me come back. 

We had a Business together, but he controlled everything. He worked me like a slave and took everything I earned, saying that he needed the money to pay the bills. I had nothing in my name, no bank account, no credit card, no money no car, no nothing.

He manipulated and controlled me until I couldn’t bear the situation anymore. I left him and my son and moved in with my sister. I tried explaining to my teenage son that I was trying to get my life together so he could come and live with me.

Days passed, and my abusive ex-husband secretly moved to another city so I couldn’t see my son. I had no idea where they were. He changed his phone number and prohibited my son from talking with me. He had kidnaped my son from me. I went to the police asking for help, but they didn’t do anything. 

I was depressed and crying all the time until I met Rosemeri from Mamasola. She helped me file a restraining order against my ex, serve him with divorce papers, and ask for my son’s custody. 

Rosemeri taught me that I was not a victim, that a victim had no power, and that I needed to be powerful in order to fight for myself and my son. I know that the fight has just begun, but now I feel stronger than ever. 

I can thank you enough, Rosemeri, for helping me through this difficult journey.