Hello, I’m Patricia G. and I am a single mom of 4 boys. My youngest son was only 3 years old when my husband was locked in jail for molesting my 5 years old niece.


The news hit my family like a bomb. We were all devastated. We never thought something like that would happen in our family. While my ex was in jail he would send me messages saying: “I’m going to kill you and the boys and after that I’m going to kill myself”. I was terrified of what he might do if he got out of jail on probation.

Fearing for my life and my children’s life, I asked for Asylum in the US and got it. I left knowing that I could never go back. I felt like I had lost my family, my roots, and my identity, but I knew I needed to create a new life for myself and my sons. 

Then I met Rosemeri from MamaSola. She helped me integrate into the US and find resources. Now I’m happy and rebuilding my life with my boys and my new husband.

Thanks, Rosemeri - MamaSola for all your help!