My name is Cristina, I’m 25 years old and I have 3  daughters. 


I come from a very poor family. We are 4 girls, my older sister (10 years older than me), my twin sisters (6 years older than me), and I, the youngest one.

When I was young, I was raped by my father over and over again, until my teenage years (around 15 years old). When I was 3 years old, I recall grabbing my mom’s legs and urinating myself because I was so terrified of my father. My sisters used to say that I was the most attached to mom, but the truth is that I just wanted her protection against the rapist monster of a father I had. Eventually, he started sharing me with his brother, both pedophiles monsters. I confronted my 3 sisters some years ago, and they all said he raped them too.

When my mom divorced my father, he would come to pick me up to “spend time with him,” but I didn’t want to go because I knew what that meant. 

My mom was also a victim of his. He would physically abuse her and punch her in the face and body. He once broke all of her teeth, and she had to get dentures. I guess my mom stayed with him because she didn’t have a profession and had 4 kids to feed. She had no choice but to stay with our only provider.

He later remarried and had 2 other daughters who I believe he raped too. I remember he adopted a boy, but after some years, the boy ran away, possibly because he was abusing him too.

We were just babies! We didn’t deserve what happened to us. Parents are supposed to protect their children.

After he would rape me, I used to cut myself. The physical pain would take away my mental pain.

At 15 I married a man 12 years older than me and disappeared. I just wanted to get as far away from my father as possible. 

Till this day, when I remember what I went through, I cry and think about hurting myself. I feel sickened by the idea of my father getting close to my babies. I am going to therapy so that I can have the strength to take care of my daughters.

After speaking to Rosemeri fromMamaSola, my life changed. I realized that I’m much more powerful than I ever imagined. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

With MamaSola, now I have a new community of friends. I clearly saw that I was trapped in my victimhood, and when I recognized it, I could actually do something about it!

Thank you, MamaSola!