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Transform anxiety and stress into personal power and improve relationships, and career by awakening 4 superpowers in 30 days for $1. 

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Superpowers for Women

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The Awakening Course 

Invest in yourself and your future by going on an adventure of 1 month of transformation by awakening your inborn senses and skills. 

You can have a life of power in the domains of money, family, career, and more. To realize this kind of life, you must remove the roadblocks and learn four (4) superpowers over four (4) weeks. 

Breakthrough Curriculum

Based on the eastern and western traditions of wisdom and power, we bring to you, a complete set of maps for unleashing the powers that are your natural birthright. 

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Weekly group coaching calls via Zoom with Saqib Rasool. Ask questions, bring cases, discuss homework, and receive coaching on matters important to you. 

Supportive Community 

Join your Power Sisters & weave a new kind of family. Connect with each other, and get support in all aspects of life, from peers, mentors, and experts from across the world. 

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We are declaring a new future where no woman is powerless in dealing with the difficulties of life.

We will help you develop serious skills for designing your new life. You'll be ready for living your life with power in this new dynamic world that is emerging now. 

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"Being a single mother, I had overloaded responsibility and was stuck in a life of powerlessness and resentment. With PowerSisters, I learned how to invent a new life for myself, improve my capacity for dealing with changes, and make effective offers. After studying with him, I started my own home-based business, met other single mothers, and created a life of freedom that I always wanted. Thank you, PowerSisters family."  

ChoCho Chen, Owner of Bridal Joy Wedding Dresses

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